My name is Krysta Snyder and after experiencing an acute back injury I was referred to Debbie Thrall for physical therapy services.  I was a little reluctant because my only other experience with PT was exercises to do.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Debbie does far more than recommend exercises, she also utilizes whatever tools necessary to provide the most effective treatment specifically catered to each client’s needs.  Debbie was thorough in identifying the symptoms I was experiencing and went so far as to work to correct some of the chronic back issues I have lived with which likely contributed to the acute injury I was currently seeking treatment for.  I was also excited and amazed by the use of up-to-date technology in the treatment of my injury.  In the beginning I would enter her office hardly able to move and after only about an hour I had regain quite a bit of my mobility.  In the six weeks I worked with Debbie I went from hardly being able to tie my own shoes because the pain was so intense, to experiencing less low back pain than I have prior to the onset of the acute episode.  I would not hesitate to return to her if the need ever arises.

Krysta Snyder RN, MSN


When I first came to see Debbie I was having dizziness and neck pain. I’d had a car accident three years ago with neck stiffness that never went away. I’d had a workup for the dizziness and was found to have BPPV. I had trouble with walking; and going down stairs was difficult. Debbie treated me with Frequency Specific Microcurrent, soft tissue and joint mobilization, the Epley maneuver and balance exercises. In just three visits, my neck stiffness and movement was good enough that I chose to continue on my own. My balance also responded quickly to the Epley exercises and I now go up and down stairs normally. S.V.

Another Mobile Patient


Dear Debbie,

Thank you for helping me heal! I would like to offer this testament to the micro current modality and McKenzie method to treat my own back. I’ve been suffering for the last 9 years with degrading health due to increasing back pain.

I’ve been through years of Chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, and spinal shots. All of these modalities provided some short term relief, allowing me to continue yoga and Pilates to increase my core strength and hopefully “fix” my bad back. I’ve also dieted, followed food restrictions, tried a lot of creams, and used heat & ice every day. But I was still in debilitating pain.

Sitting at my desk, or standing upright at my desk, and sitting in my car through my substantial commute put A LOT of pressure on my low back, and caused tremendous pain. As the pain continued to increase,it drove me to the gym, and to the doctors. I was going to the gym daily for stretching, and workouts, and any combination of the modalities listed above, up to 3x each week!! I wasn’t sleeping but 3 or 4 hours a night. The pain was waking me up! I was in a cycle of dysfunction.

A couple of years of that dysfunction landed me in the hospital & intensive care for 8 days with a DVT. I was diagnosed with Paget-Schroetter syndrome, or upper extremity effort thrombosis. After the surgery, my doctor informed me that my muscles expanded greater than 5 times their normal size at the cellular level. He had to scrape the muscles off my vein to open it up!

It’s been 2 years since then, and my muscles finally feel almost normal. I continued to have other pains; shoulder tendonitis & Achilles tendonitis (both bilateral), restless leg syndrome (RLS), knee pains, hip pain, and elbow pain. A few caused by derangements, you were able to teach me how to self-correct.

But, as you stated, I had some damage in my soft tissues due to not correct healing correctly, likely from earlier traumas in my life.

The RLS was very painful and concerning to me. I remember the micro-current session that healed my legs. I was leery of it working even though my legs felt noticeable better immediately. But after 1, then 2 weeks, I was amazed that it was gone and finally breathing a sigh of relief! Other, less noticeable, but no less dramatic healing, is that I feel better. It’s hard to explain, but I can sit longer, stand longer, I don’t have to “rest my back” throughout the day, and I have some of my energy back. And, my muscles are getting stronger again. They are functioning better than the last 5 years!

In addition, using the McKenzie method to treat my back has been a game-changer for me! I was always discouraged from backbends, and was “resting” my back by folding forward. I was not able to do much in a day as I was exhausted and in pain. After just 1 session of the McKenzie method my back felt relieved, and using it as needed has dramatically changed my day. I can’t thank you enough for helping me!! It is my hope that this letter finds others like myself to give them hope that there is something that can help, and that they reach out to get the help they sorely need.

Best Wishes!